Mexican Salad

When you are on an eating regimen and you need to go out, the principal thing which strikes a chord is what to eat? I know, it’s extremely difficult to oppose yourself from eating that yummy, flavorful pasta, pizza, burger, and numerous more which your companions arrange. You give it a doubt whether you ought to have a cheat day or not? Yet, what I give you some plan to have a fat free succulent and wonderful platter in your counting calories days. Indeed, you read it adjust! There are numerous sustenances which you can have amid your excursion with your companions and that too without bargaining with your taste.

One day, I and my companions just went for have a decent and chilling time. In the wake of choosing the scene for 15-20 minutes, we at long last bounced to a place in Satya Niketan. A significant number of you may have found out about this place and I am certain you would have gone gaga for this place. This place is something where you can go quickly and anyplace. There are parcels and loads of bistro out there and best of all, it’s all under your financial plan. Furthermore, there is no age bar for this place, anybody can visit with their companions, family and even you can hang out alone there. A portion of the renowned eateries like QD’s, Big Yellow Door, Punter House, China Bowl, Pirates of the Campus, DwnTwn Café, Old School, Echoes, Cafeteria and Company and some more.


So out of these bistro’s we pick to go for Pirates of the Campus. The vibe was the one thing which I preferred it by and by. The lighting was diminishing, finished with Chinese lightings and music was all loud with the most recent playlist. There was a hilarious blurb all around with a tremendous wheel chain improved on the divider. You will likewise locate a little bar (however they don’t serve liquor) close to the sitting spot with a feature of Sheesha and adorned containers. There is a couch put for sitting so on the off chance that you need to run with your bigger gathering you can think about this place. Also, in the event that you need to praise your or companion’s birthday, you can ask the staff out there to finish the place. The staffs are extremely inviting and the administration is up to the stamp.


The following most imperative thing was to pick what to eat. Trust it or not, this is the most troublesome part for me to choose what to eat and what not eat out of such huge numbers of things. So the sustenance things resembled there was Keema Roll, 3 Treasures Burger, Dal Makhni Shot, Non-Veg and Veg Combo and some more. Furthermore, since it was my eating routine days, I was extremely confounded what to select as these all dinners were of high calories and additional oil. In the wake of, experiencing the menu for the second time, I ran over the serving of mixed greens menu and they are having the peaceful great alternative and me at long last chose to go for Mexican Salad. As it was the first occasion when I was requesting it, I was simply trusting it ought to be a decent decision. Following, 15 minutes, they served me the plate of mixed greens in a bowl with heaps of green veggies, olives, and different seasonings. When I took my first nibble, I was like just WOWwww… … It was extremely yummy simply like I needed it. I was seeing however my companions were having burgers, pizzas, pasta’s yet they were continually endeavoring to take a nibble of my plate of mixed greens since it was so enticing, hot and delicious. I was extremely exceptionally content with my decision and after that out of the blue one thing flew up into my brain, and that was to make this serving of mixed greens at home. So I thought of asking the formula from the cook and I went ahead to have a discussion with the staff individuals.

I will share you the formula how it’s made and believe me, it’s extremely exceptionally basic. There are no any additional endeavors or any high fi vegetables to utilize. Initially, thing what you need to do is to take an onion, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, sweet corn, capsicum (green, red, and yellow), dark olives. Cut the vegetables, take a 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil, and blend the vegetables in it. At that point put the flavoring as per your decision. On the off chance that you will ask me what seasonings I utilize, its oregano, dark pepper, red bean stew powder, salt, and lemon. Presently the last advance is to blend everything and your Mexican plate of mixed greens is prepared.

I disclosed to you it’s extremely exceptionally straightforward. Along these lines, in the event that you need to have a Mexican serving of mixed greens at home, you have your formula and in the event that you need to go out and have it, you have discovered the place as well. What are you sitting tight for at that point, go and grab it quickly.

You can find out the café details below:

Location: Satya Niketan

Café Name: Pirates of the Campus

Address: 286, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Budget: 700 (approx) for 2 people.


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